Update: Where did I go?

Sorry, I have been MIA for the past two months. School and work is keeping me super busy. Plus my laptop stopped working twice and needed to be shipped out to the manufacturer to be fixed, which took a while. Yes, I was computerless. Me being me, thinking the laptop being only three months old would not break down anytime soon. What makes it worse is, I did not back any of my information on my laptop. I know, I know I should have been doing this more often, but yeah. Not being smart here. However, I bought an external hard drive after I got my laptop and backed everything that same night. I was really worried/hitting myself for almost losing these pictures. But most importantly, I’m super happy I did not lose any pictures. Glad to report that I will not do this again. I promise myself to back up daily/weekly. So, there is no repeat of the same situation.

Now, moving on….

Lady & Tramp MacaronsYou ask, “Why Lady and the Tramp?”

My answer. Throwback to a classic Disney movie. Plus that was the party’s theme.

Last weekend was my friend, Michelle’s birthday. She loves Disney and my french macarons. In addition to presents my friends and I bought for her. I decided to surprise her with Lady and the Tramp designed macarons. Let me say the key word here is “try.” I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, since I was hand drawing the designs onto macaron shells. Before even trying to draw on the macaron shells, I definitely practiced drawing Lady and Tramp. As seen below.

Lady & Tramp Macarons

I discovered the difficulty of actually drawing Lady and Tramp on the macaron shell. It’s different than paper because you can’t erase what you just drew, if you make a mistake. You need to adjust your drawing to your mistake. I ended up messing up on three macaron shells before getting the hang of it. Let me say I am not a good artist when it comes to drawing. I am passable. I decided to go simple and go with no color. A simple drawing in black and white. I’m super happy with how the way the designs turned out. Mint Chocolate Macarons + Lady and the Tramp = Happy Michelle.

That’s all for now. But, get ready for a new recipe coming soon!

Lady & Tramp Macarons

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